Use your mobile phone to scan bar codes!

With VisionScan you can use your iPad, Tablet-PC or own mobile phone for barcode scanning, as a supplement or alternative to old and slow handhelt terminals, when you scan bar codes in connection with different workflows. The solution is of course integrated to Dynamics NAV.

VisionScan is a modern barcode scanner solution for companies who want a flexible solution for barcode scanning. The employees are free to choose between which hardware to use for the scan:

  • Smartphone to the employees, who only occasionally need the barcode scanning
  • iPad to the employees, who are already using the iPad as a working tool
  • Website to the employees, who must manage and monitor inventory count
  • Handheld terminals to the employees, who scan barcodes all the time and need a working tool that can withstand being lost on the floor.

VisionScan supports all of the above devices and is - unlike older barcode solutions - thus not tied to a single hardware device/version.

The solution is developed with the latest technologies and comes in a sleek and intuitive design - on a modern platform and is, of course, with full integration to Dynamics NAV.

VisionScan can be used in many different work situations and can of course be adapted to your particular needs and specific workflows. As examples the following workflows are supported out-of-the-box in the standard solution:

Increased code via mobile to register item consumption on a job (a project): Moving items between 2 locations (inventory  and/or auto stock location in Dynamics NAV): Inventory count by uploading the amount of barcode scanned items via mobile:
 Vareforbrug Paa Sag Mobil  Lokationsflyt Mobil  Lageroptaelling Mobil

The solution is delivered in "responsive design", which means that the displayed screen image automatically adjusts to the size of the screen on the device by the user, when you want a task to be performed, see the above.

For example, the employee has an iPad and must manage members' ongoing inventory count (such as using your mobile phone, see the picture above), the solution is being adapted automatically to the iPad screen:

Lageroptaelling Adm Ipad 

As mentioned VisionScan is programmed on a modern Web platform and can of course be adjusted to your particular needs and wishes. Please contact VisionPeople and hear more about the solution and get a demo of the solution, for example, from your own cell phone.

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Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør