Access data 24 hours a day!

Most businesses with mobile workers know about the need to be able to get access to information outside the Office!

With today's technology it is possible to make enterprise data mobile available, so that these can be reached by cell phone, smartphones (such as iPhone and others), iPads or portable pc. In other words, your employees can access all company information 24 hours a day, no matter where they are.

VisionPeople Consulting a/s are experts in the field of integrated business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and PowerApps. We give each user access to the relevant data in Microsoft Dynamics ™ NAV, Microsoft CRM, there where there is a need for them. This may be via the Internet, Webshops, CRM, PowerApps, SharePoint, role-based .Net clients-for example, time tracking, customer information or barcode scanning of items.

When it comes to mobility, we offer well-thought out solutions that ensure that users get the correct data and delivered at the right mobile devices.

As examples you can view mobile time recording solutions at this link, and you can view mobile solutions to satisfaction surveys here.

VisionPeople Consulting has e.g. skills to help with:

  • Choice of technology and products
  • Design and implementation of architecture
  • Integration with existing systems

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