Web-portals and knowledge sharing

VisionPeople offer portal solutions for file sharing, document management and collaboration based on Office 365

With Office 365 and Delve you get effective group collaboration where you have access to the relevant documents with task scheduler, all contacts, and an efficient calendar system, where everything can be integrated into Outlook as messaging system and the user's own Microsoft Office package.

Previously we typically set up intranets, where few individuals shall make information available to the rest of the organization. With today's web-based collaboration platform it makes it possible for anyone to contribute information, search, edit and collaborate. Microsoft Office 365 and Delve simply sets new standards for file storage, collaboration and sharing of information. Departmental, in groups, across organisations and even with access for external users, such as customers.

Microsoft CRM and Sharepoint:

VisionPeople see more customers who want to have Microsoft CRM and Sharepoint to work together, so that people working in CRM and stores its documents in CRM, but physically they are put in a Sharepoint structure. This means that persons who do not need to work with CRM features can view documents and add new under a customer in Sharepoint. In doing so, you avoid the "classic CRM situation", where only people with a user access to CRM can view documents on clients. You get better knowledge sharing in this way and of course, security is top notch.

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