Manage your recurring orders in Dynamics NAV

VisionRepeatOrder is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on, developed to handle customer orders, invoices and credit memos to be posted again and again, without the document are deleted after posting.

With VisionRepeatOrder you can easily keep track of customers' subscriptions, update agreements, service agreements, monthly fees, etc. Only your imaginations sets the constraint.

It is possible to use different types of lines in VisionRepeatOrder. For Example, G/L Account, Item, Resource. Furthermore, you can add text lines to appear on the customer's document, as well as internal notes that you do not want to appear.

The system allows you to define selected intervals, when orders will be invoiced. There is no limitation in the recurrence interval, since the system uses data from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV codes form. This means that you can define ranges such as; a specific day each month, quarter, etc. When the recurring orders are created, you have the opportunity to put the filter on different dimensions, for example customer number or order type.  When the documentation is generated, they should just be posted and sent to the customer.

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Liselotte Lau Sode - Written by: Liselotte Lau Sode -