How to send and receive electronic invoices with Dynamics NAV

Send your invoices electronically - also to public customers

If you shop with the public, there is a requirement that you send your invoices electronically in a format that can be loaded automatically in the publics' systems. This format is referred to as: "OIOUBL", which you can read more about on this link >> 

As standard, Dynamics NAV can generate invoices in electronic format, and with for example; e-Invoice from Continia you can send your invoices automatically to your public customers. At this link you can read more about e-Invoice, and you can also view a video about the solution.

Will (or should) you even receive invoices in OIOUBL-format, can also load VisionOIO invoices automatically in Dynamics NAV.

Read more about VisionOIO, which handles the receiving of electronic invoices in Dynamics NAV reference profile.

If you want an EDI and/or EDIFACT-solution, you can read more about this on this EDIFACT-link

Contact VisionPeople Consulting, so we can get a closer dialogue on the possibilities and your wish to do so