Tools for managing and processing of databases containing sensitive personal data

Do you and your IT provider comply with the legislation regarding the work with - and access to - sensitive data?

With the EU's tightening of legislation on the storage and processing of sensitive personal data, more stringent requirements are imposed on both the company and the IT provider, which typically also has access to the databases.

The company and the supplier shall be considered respectively as Data responsible and/or Data Processor, which you can read more about the link.

VisionPeople has developed tools that can be used in cooperation between the company and the IT vendor, whereby personal sensitive data can be anonymized, so that IT does not delete the supplier will have access to the company's sensitive data, thus documentation, rights management and processes in the context of cooperation easier can be supported in a data processor contract.

Examples of tools that can be used in cooperation we currently have the following solutions, you can read more about by selecting from the menu on the left:

  • Datanonymize -there is a SQL tool that can anonymize the sensitive personal data
  • VisionSurvey -where the company itself in the Web solution can run and catch up with desired consent statements.

Read more about the above solutions by clicking on the menu to the left, or contact us below if you want to learn more about our tools to facilitate the work with the handling of sensitive personal data and IT solutions in connection therewith.

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