Cloud solutions and hosting

Everybody is talking about the cloud - we do something about it! 

In the past, companies spent a lot of money and resources on buying, storing and updating its own server machines, which typically were stored in special built, locked and cooled server room, which only special trusted IT professionals had access to.

Today's server power and systems are fully accessible "in the cloud" via an internet connection, whereby, for example, Microsoft is resposible for all hardware purchases, maintenance, updates, physical storage, etc. -and customers pay only for the consumed/needed server power and the system entries. The settlement takes place per month based on usage, so the expensive server investments and, not least, ongoing maintenance is spread out on the months where the company uses the systems, in the form of a subscription fee or rent payment.

Cloud solutions can be found in many forms and at Microsoft the cloud-solution is called: "Azure". In VisionPeople we have good experience advising companies on the possibilities with Azure and rent of IT solutions, and we of course also help our customers to migrate from a private server room, or hosting setup to the cloud.

The company's business systems in the form of, for example, the accounting system, Office 365, Webshop, CRM solution, BI system can therefore usefully be rented today for a subscription fee, where you only pay for the appropriate number of users and the need of the individual monthly server power - Yes in fact, right down to the necessary server power per hour.

Read more about the possibilities on the page here, or book a meeting with us, where we can discuss your existing infrastructure server set-up and specific requirements, migrating to the cloud.


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