Monitor and track your Navision Application Server

If you are using Navision Application Server NAS then this is the an add-on you can't live without.

VisionHeartBeat helps to monitor and manage your Navision Application Server (NAS) and restarts automatically when the application is not responding. With VisionHeartBeat the administrator gets an alert the minut the NAS doesn't work as planned. Information will be logged in the Windows event log, and you can also choose to have the message via E-Mail. VisionHertBeat can restart the Navision Application Server if they are not running.

Specify how many seconds a message is allowed to be delayed in a Message Que, before being collected in the Navision Application Server. The Application Server will be restarted when a Time Out is experienced.

Monitor several Application Servers with VisionHeartBeat Service.

Configure services to send an E-Mail message with the resulting error, e.g. when the Application Server is restarted. It is also up to you if you would like an email when a non critical situation is experienced. Several E-Mail addresses can be added to the service.

With VisionHeartBeat you can keep an eye on your Navision Application Servers, anywhere and at any time.

Users will experience fewer crashes as the application restarts automatically a few seconds after the system is not responding.

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