Microsoft Sharepoint is a flexible web based portal solution, which you easily can use to search, share and publish information. Microsoft SharePoint is ideal to use when you have to solve assignments that involve planning, sharing and controlling of project documents.

The use of Intranet solutions keeps increasing and more companies and their employees prefer a web based user interface to search and find information, in addition to handling the larger and growing quantity of internal and external information a company uses on a daily basis.

With Microsoft Office SharePoint Server your company gets an “almost ready to use” portal, which can be used to link all internal information workflow and at the same time for document management.

The problem with information and documents in a company today is not that’s it’s needed but the difficulty of getting a hold of it when it’s needed. All the documents are saved on one or more fileservers or e-mail systems and the users have to keep track of the information and where it’s located. This can lead to information being generated and stored several places. The structure on the file system or in e-mail solutions can be individually related and this doesn’t make it any easier to find what you’re looking for.

Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server gives you a WEB-based user interface: a Dashboard. This dashboard gives your users a central point to collect and control information and documents in your company.

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server gives you the possibility to:

  • Search through information based on categories 
  • Search through information based on search criteria 
  • Subscribe to changes (receive emails with links, when the desired information or document has been updated.)
  • Check-in and check-out of documents 
  • Version history on documents 
  • Publishing of documents and information on intranet or Internet 
  • Approval of documents in a team

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server contains a powerful search engine which can search and index all available information and all documents you have in your network. It can index documents on the file system whether it’’s on NT or Novell. In addition can it index Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000, Exchange 2003 Public Folders, Lotus Notes Database and other web- servers.

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server contains safety functions which make sure that the users only get access to information they have permission for. This can be controlled on a user level, group level or as role functionality.

Several companies use VisionPeople as a supplier and sparring partner in projects regarding Sharepoint because of the experience VisionPeople has with implementing Microsoft SharePoint We have also developed solutions that can show relevant Navision data in SharePoint as viewable or editable information. Furthermore, we can adjust the Sharepoint solution so it lives up to your company’s specific demands.

Contact us for a non committal dialog on the advantages you can gain with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server, and learn more about the possibility to evaluate Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server for 120 days in your company.

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