Additional solutions and Add Ons for Dynamics NAV

Perhaps we have already developed the piece that you are looking for ...

In cases where standard product does not contain the desired functionality, it often happens that VisionPeople Consulting develops it for our customers.

We often make greater adjustments and new developments OUTSIDE of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and in conjunction with other standard products such as Dynamics CRM or Web solutions. Hereby retains the original product code, and the possibility of an easy upgrade for future versions is maintained. In other Words, our customers always maintains a solution that is as close to a standard solution as possible.

Read about some of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-on's that we have developed through the ages, and which our customers and partners makes use of every single day:

VisionCRMConnector -Get mobile access to customer data from the ERP
VisionForecast -Web access to budgeting directly for Dynamics ERP
VisionCollection -get an overview of customer deposits, easier procedures and better cash flow overview reminder!
VisionTIME -Smart time tracking via mobile and web
VisionMultilineText -enter text without worries about line breaks!
VisionPDF -e-mail your documents directly from the ERP!
VisionPhone- ring out from economy system and get the pop-up's when the phone rings!
VisionProfile- track rights easily and effectively through the assignment of user profiles!
VisionProject -keep track of your projects, service agreements and agreed discounts!
VisionWebShop -default webshop with all business logic!
VisionTime -register time consumption, in General and on projects via the Web!
Analysis and reporting get an easy-to-use BI solution for NAV implemented in just a few days.

You can also click on some of the solutions to the left and get further inspiration.

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