VisionPhone - Phone integration module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

VisionPeople Consulting has created integration between phone systems and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

With VisionPhone module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, phone system can be integrated in the existing user interface in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Module enables, among other things. "pop up" screen for incoming phone calls, and outgoing calls can be launched directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The module enables the Microsoft Dynamics NAV users to provide better customer service and to improve their efficiency and not least to get registered the company's dialogue with its customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Incoming calls
On incoming calls, Microsoft Dynamics NAV opens with the customer's data. The module can show both debtors, creditors, topics and contacts. If the caller are not already created in the database, the module can open a "blank" topic sheet in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This will update the database continuously.

Call log/registration
On the client (or contact), there will be the option to create a log/history, so all activities towards the customer is recorded. Registration can be used on both incoming & outgoing calls.
Outgoing calls can be established directly from Navision. Under the individual contact cards select the "phone icon", after which the call is automatically established.

System requirements
Visionphone supports Navision Financials version 2.01 – 2.60, Navision Attain, as well as all new Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions (World Wide and country specific versions). Call log/registration require Microsoft Dynamics NAV-modules "Marketing base" and "Marketing Activities" for Dynamics NAV. Newer Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions requires CRM-modules "CRM marketing" and "CRM Interaction-/document management". Alternatively, we should develop the desired functionality.

Requirements for the operating system: The same requirements as for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

The necessary software for phone solution, which forwards A-number using DDE calls or via file exchange. Alternatively, the solution must be able to forward A phone number through TAPI (TAPI 2.1 or newer) or CSTA. We also have the option of developing a module for just your phone works, so for example, we may receive a call via a URL. Contact us about a dialogue about the possibilities, so we can ensure that there is also integration for your telecommunications installations.

Additional opportunities
It will of course be possible to customize the solution for each company's special wishes and requirements. We recommend that you contact us for a detailed dialogue about this.

VisionPhone - then you know the Customer on their call

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Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør