Change the old, heavy hand terminals to your existing mobile phones

It doesn't have to be so boring and slowly to detect barcodes with old-fashioned hand terminals. With VisionScan you can even choose whether to use mobile phone, iPads, Tablets or hand terminals for barcode scanning.

With VisionScan can use your mobile phones to barcode scanning, and you can also purchase extra equipment, so your phone is "upgraded" to a professional tool for the people who must make barcode scans:

Holster with scanner for iPhone: Handle and scanner for iPhone: Stand to the iPhone: Stand and charger for iPhones: Scanners for iPhones, iPads, etc.:
Iphonescanner  Iphonescanner Med Haandtag  Iphone Single Stander  Iphone Multistander Any Device Scanner

Since VisionScan is Web-based solution it also works on traditional hand terminals:

Intermec CK3X:

 Intermec CN51:

Dolphin 70e black:
Intermec CK3X   Intermec Cn51  Dolphin 70E Black

- which of course requires access to the Internet through access points within the company and/or via the SIM card in the hardware device.

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Liselotte Lau Sode - Written by: Liselotte Lau Sode -