Dynamics 365 is financial management, CRM, Office- and app's

VisionPeople's fundamental vision to integrate all business systems and make the required data avaibable, where the user works, are now supported (in part) via a cloud-based standard solution from Microsoft, which has been given the name "Microsoft Dynamics 365".

Dynamics 365 is initially released in the United States and Canada, but comes to 3 additional countries during the first half of the year 2017, including Denmark in the second half of 2017,  where "Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Business Edition" is expected to include all current standard functionality from the Dynamics NAV 2017 version.

Dynamics 365 is for companies who want cloud-based standard systems (hosted at Microsoft's Azure platform "in the cloud") to handle basic finance / finance management, communication and process management with the ability to connect standard industry and module applications in the form of "Apps" .

Dynamics 365 builds on the well-known CRM and ERP systems from Microsoft:

Dynamics 365 is available in 2 versions (currently only in the United States and Canada):

Business Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Business Edition is for companies with max. 300 users and provides against a monthly subscription payment (per named user) access to the standard functionality of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV 2017 with possibility for integration between CRM and NAV, but also to/from Office 365 (via "Common Data Model").

Enterprise Edition is (typically) for companies with more than 250 users and minimum for 20 users, and provides against a slightly higher monthly subscription payment per named user access to the standard functionality of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX (7), also with the above integration opportunities.

Should the selected version's default functionality not be sufficient to meet the company's needs, for example, you can purchase default app's with industry-specific functionality, and the basic solution also includes BI-tools (PowerBI and Cortana Analytics) so that data can be displayed from various data sources. Dynamics 365 is thus to companies that really will live up to the vision of exclusively to avail themselves of the standard functionality to support the company's workflows. As a "reward" for doing so the company saves a lot of money and resources on future upgrades, since Microsoft continually makes future default versions and new standard functionality to the company's disposal. VisionPeople Advises, analyzes and assists with the implementation thereof.

With the introduction of Microsoft Flow Dynamics 365 gets access to other services from other data sources. Example of this could be LinkedIn, where the sales people will automatically be booked to contact others in the LinkedIn network, if a key person stops at the customer, so that the good relationship and cooperation continues. New appointments announced on LinkedIn can also start a workflow with a task to the customer responsible in the CRM system to contacting the new person at the customer's location.

We look forward to welcoming Dynamics 365 to Denmark and to further discuss the possibilities in Dynamics 365 with you.

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