VisionCatering for Office365

No more manual stickies and lack of overview of ordered accommodation or catering: Order accommodation, when you book your Outlook calendar meeting directly from Office 365

VisionPeople Consulting has developed VisionCatering for Office365 for digital orders for food and beverages at the same time as booking of rooms in your Outlook calendar.

With VisionCatering you can order bread, water, coffee, tea, etc. in the same process, as when you book the meeting in Outlook via a fully integrated add-in for Office365:

When a meeting is to be booked in your Outlook calendar, the booker, at the same time, fill in a digital order form (framed with red border above), where the booker can indicate which meal plan must be prepared and be available in the booked meeting room - stated above. The users experience only the familiar Outlook from Office 365.

The program sends message to the canteen, kitchen, reception or who, is responsible, to cover up for the meetings, on the desired table setting, catering, number of participants, special features, etc., so that the everything can be ordered home and made ready for the meeting with a inviting table setting and the agreed catering.

The order form can also be used as communications to the canteen from meeting bookeren for special requests and messages as the canteen must take into account in relation to their accommodation and/or preparation of the room, as the meeting is to take place in.

The digital order form is fully integrated into the Office365 and can be edited by the canteen, so the Committee can reflect the day's or week's options.

Those responsible for the accommodation has all time an overview of the meetings that are scheduled and what meal plan, which should be ready for a single meeting, and how much is ordered in total for the next few days, so the canteen can plan procurement, production and preparation of which:

There can also be displayed a summary of the meetings and the individual bookings for meetings:

and depending on the assigned rights, the canteen employee/Manager/administrator can change and create new order lists, prices, products, locations, meeting rooms and users.

VisionCatering digitizes the workflow with indication and also count how many people who eat at the canteen/-ies on the different days, with each employee directly from Outlook can specify which days the person eats lunch in the canteen so the canteen all the time have overview of how many people they must produce lunch for.

Download our product sheet on VisionCatering here

You are of course welcome to contact us for a detailed dialogue on the possibilities with VisionCatering, which can also be adapted to your particular needs.

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Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør