Task and project management, oversight and follow-up

Efficient and smart Task Manager: create, book, plan, follow up and finish tasks

With VisionPlanning you get a handle on all of your company's tasks throughout the process:

  • Receive and create the task,
    • for example, the received e-mail and with automatic creation of task with one click in Outlook

  • Assign the task to a project and/or customer,
    • EVS. creating a new project-with full integration for Dynamics NAV

  • Allocate the task to the employeewho must perform the task on the basis of the person's skills

  • Book employee (possibly more) to perform the task
    • with automatic integration to employee's Outlook calendar

  • And make continuous time tracking on the task (s)
    • via VisionTime and collection thereof in the economy-and payroll system

  • Continuous quality control and visual overview of the course
    • bookings, resources, tasks, finishing degrees and time consumption

  • Exit and clear statement of task
    • via direct link in Outlook-booking and in connection with time recording

  • Ready for EVS. billing drive in Dynamics NAV, if the task or project to be invoiced.

During the process the employee can view own tasks and projects as well as an overview and status of this, just as the project manager or owner can follow developments and see if there is the prospect of delays in relation to deadlines, or if the original time estimates is about to be exceeded in relation to the tasks ' percentage of completion degrees.

Also you will get an overview of the booking situation, project schedules and strain the situation in the company and can prioritize and reprioritize on that basis.

The solution is dynamic and can be set up to your specific work types and job categories, and so it fits in with different workflows, which applies within a variety of industrieswho need to manage tasks, for example (but not therefore limited to):

  • It companies
  • Service companies
  • Consulting companies
  • Project-oriented enterprises
  • Ship Suppliers
  • Construction companies
  • Utilities
  • .. and all other businesses that would Task Scheduler

Is your company not covered by the above, but have you need to manage and track your tasks, please send us a challenge to that effect:

VisionPlanning comes as a standalone solution or as a module for VisionTime as well as Dynamics NAV -and can be acquired from a monthly payment (SAAS-Software As A Service) on own servers or in the cloud with Microsoft.

Contact us for a demonstration of VisionPlanning, or if you have any questions in relation to your particular needs