Value-adding marketing!

Get more out of the company's marketing investment by linking CRM and marketing together

Better lead handling and additional sales to existing customers. Marketing automation creates the link between sales and marketing.

Have you seen that all the resources that marketing spend to retain customers and generate new leads not really comes the sales responsible for good on a serviceable and structured manner, which, among other things does that opportunities may come through the "sales funnel" and become a customer? For example:

  • Activate the values that are created in marketing
  • Automatically create a picture of the customer experience - customer's movement on websites, response to campaigns etc.
  • Objective and optimize the forces across the "sales funnel"
  • Automatically provide critical data for the sales
  • Use targeted campaigns that are created on the basis of the information collected in the CRM system - use and reuse knowledge

This is now possible by using Microsoft CRM and ClickDimensions, also called email marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft CRM.

 ClickDimensions main features:

ClickDimensions is a product that is 100% integrated in Microsoft CRM. Follow customers/leads movements directly in Microsoft CRM, see response on email campaigns, surveys, views on landing pages, the cliks and downloads etc. Create, if necessary, a profile directly in the CRM on a new contact you have been in contact with - select profile -  and person data are downloaded from LinkedIn and Facebook etc. and displayed in CRM!

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