Automation of obtaining consent statements regarding sensitive personal data

EU has tightened the legislation on the storage and treatment of person sensitive data

One of the requirements that has been tightened in the EU Personal Data Regulation is that if a company (as Data Manager) stores sensitive data about registered persons in the company's databases, the company must be able to document that they have obtained a letter of consent from the registered persons on the storage of personally sensitive information - and the person must be able to contact the company and ask for the removal of personal data (right to be forgotten).

We have automated the collection of these certificates of consent, as VisionSurvey may also be used for the sending of consent statements.

In the web-based VisionSurvey solution, the company themselves can make the required consent statements. VisionSurvey generates emails sent to those people (typically customers, members, clients, etc.) for which the company may have sensitive data or which the company intends to retrieve and store personally sensitive data about.

In the email there is a link to the consent form which the person read, fill out and send electronically return to the company, who will then keep the statement as proof of the person's consent.

Please contact us if you want to hear more about the easing of the process of obtaining consent statements around storage of sensitive personal data.

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