Merge of 3 utilities to 1 overall solution

VisionPeople helped 3 water utility companies to get 3 different IT-systems combined into one comprehensive solution that users could use at the 1. day at work in the new organization.

There are many balls in the air, when several different utility companies must be grouped and appear as 1 complete unit, and IT systems is just one area that needs to be dealt with in the process.

A good insight into what the IT systems used by the various utilities, and not least how systems can be used, is essential to get organised a good and executable project plan in order to get the various systems merged to a comprehensive solution, when for example, several water utility companies are merged to a new utility enterprise company.

After the identification of the individual workspaces and dialogues about how tasks are performed with the employees of the various utilities, there was in this project agreed budget for individual tasks, so that the new utility company got an overview of the economy of the project.

Then it was VisionPeople's task - in collaboration with project leaders and selected employees in the project group from the utility companies - to ensure that all the workflows in the merged utilities could be carried out in the selected Dynamics NAV solution with associated Web solutions, when approximately 200 employees met at the 1st. working day at the new site.

The project was carried out in accordance with VisionPeople's project methodology

VP Surestep Figur (1)

and delivered on time and within the agreed budget and the now merged water supply companies today use the same solution, based on Dynamics NAV and associated Web solutions and integrations to related systems.

VisionPeople wish both the project team and the other employees congratulations with the new merges water supply company FORS and the common IT solution.

Please feel free to contact VisionPeople if you wish to learn more about the processes and the solution.

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Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør