VisionPeople Consulting provides access to Navision for mobile employees

VisionPeople Consulting, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has optimized the use of Citrix on portable computers for Regal A/S, so that the original login time is minimized and the Citrix solution in the same time has become much more stabile

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Regal A/S is using Navision as the company's ERP system. Being a company that uses their salesforce in the field, they have a need for direct access to informations in Navision (for example activities on customers,  orders in pipeline). Therefore has Regal A/S implemented a Citrix solution that gives the salesforce in the field the possibility to access Navision. The Citrix solution is working well also on slow lines via mobile cell phone dial-up connections.

Karina Hansen, Head of Administration at Regal A/S says: "The possibility of being mobile against Navision, is a important matter for Regal A/S because the sales force is able to be 100% updated when they are visiting Regal A/S customers. Being 100% opdated at all times by accessing realtime data on the Navision system, has several times proofed to be usefull in the field".

At the same time, Regal A/S did get another valueadd having implemented the Citrix Server. All administration and maintenence of Navision can be done from home working computeres over ISDN lines.

VisionPeople Consulting has optimized the usage of Citrix on portables for Regal A/S, so that the earlier logon time, which was very long over slow lines, was reduced dramatically, as well as the Citrix installation is more stabil, which again helps the users being happy about their use of the system. "We are very satisfied in the way VisionPeople advised us about the way we could use our Citrix and Navision", says Karina Hansen, "and there are no doubt that we with VisionPeople are working together with the right partner".

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