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A project with VisionPeople Consulting a/s can be of different type and size, but common to them all is that they are based on Microsoft SureStep, as we, with a few modifications calls "VP SureStep".

VP SureStep is a complete project model that contains recipes and templates for the full project cycle from the mission statement and vision at the customer's location to implementation and maintenance. The philosophy of VP SureStep is based on repeating development sequences, ruled in phases, which extends the functionality step by step through a complete project cycle for each version.

It is our experience with VisionPeople Consulting a/s, that our customers prefer this model. As a result of our initial workshop obtained typically a number of sub-projects, each of which will correspond to one or more courses in VP SureStep model.

Between each phase, you meet a milestone, and the project does not run on to the next phase, pending an approval from the customer:


In this way it is ensured that continually consensus on project status.

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Hear more about VP SureStep – and how we are with our project model can ensure a successful project with you.