Furuno Denmark had new opportunities - in record time!

It was last minute, that Furuno Denmark, on an international maritime conference, became acquainted with VisionPeople Consulting and the industry solution Dynamic Ship Supplier from ShipCentric Corporation

Furuno Denmark stood just opposite the upgrade and a comprehensive adjustment of their Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution as they, in the eleventh hour, became aware of Dynamic Ship Supplier, at an international conferencer. Furuno Danmark is a supplier of advanced electronics for the maritime industry and has a range of industry-specific workflows that can not be handled in a common standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

After a demonstration of the solution, Furuno saw  the possibility of a standard industry solution rather than an individually designed solution. ”The choice was not difficult. When we saw Dynamic Ship Supplier, we were convinced that an implementation of this industry solution would save us many development projects. At the same time, we were pleasantly surprised at how much Dynamic Ship Supplier default matched our wants and needs - also new needs that we had in our original analysis, "says CEO Freddie Hansen.


Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør