Additional products for hosted NAV

When deploying a new standard business solution, you might experience that there are some enterprise-specific tasks, which are not handled in the standard NAV, and there might be some work flows in the solution which need to be optimized.

Throughout the years, VisionPeople Consulting has developed a number of additional solutions for NAV, which optimizes the use of NAV and generates a fast Return on Investment, compared to develope the functionality from scratch or to perform the task manually - or perhaps by the use of other systems or databases.

Below we have listed a number of additional solutions and add-ons, which makes users even happier for the hosted NAV. Hold the mouse over the name of the product, or the info icon to learn more about the product:


Additional solutions and add-ons for hosted NAV
Product Brief description Price per user/month Price/month
VisionPDF E-mail e.g. invoices as PDFs from NAV (hosted Exchange is required)   650,-
VisionMultiLine Write long texts in NAV and insert text via copy/paste with auto. linebreaks   200,-

Optimized cash flow overview based on customer behaviour + optimized collection procedures and follow-up on debtors.


.Net-based webshop, fully integrated to NAV (requires External Connector license for NAV and VisionWebShop hosted by VisionPeople)

Visionsmartclient 1-10 users Time registration from the web directly into the Jobs in NAV   1000,-
Visionsmartclient 1-25 users     1300,-
Visionsmartclient 1-75 users     1.900,-
Visionsmartclient unlimited users     4500,-
VisionProject Basis Advanced project and resource management in the NAV   1,440,-
VisionProject Outlook integration Book the resources directly in the Outlook calendar from within the NAV   400,-
VisionProject Timereg.

Time registration from Outlook and/or web directly to the project in NAV, ready for invoicing.

VisionProject web + Outlook users In bundles of 10 users. Also requires NAV Light User licenses 265,-  
VisionWebPart for NAV SharePoint integration for NAV (requires that SharePoint is hosted by VisionPeople)   2,175,-
VisionExecute   Automatically executing batch jobs in NAV   650,-
VisionInventory Management   Advanced procurement planning and inventory management   1295,-
VisionLoyalty  Automatic calculation of bonus for selected customers   650,-
Other additional solutions:
Acinta BI solution for NAV BI solution for NAV (Business Intelligence)   449,-
Data shop Work book A regular user of the BI solution 55,-  
Data shop Professional Advanced user with report designer access 175,-  
Data shop Expert Super user, report design, key figures, rules, etc. 369,-  
Developer Development of the data model to NAV, cockpits, etc. 699,-  
Acinta Saturn Server Automatically report distribution and Web integration, etc.   499,-
Continia PBS e-invoice (1-5 users)   300,-
PBS e-invoice > 5 users     600,-
Continia Payment Management (1-5 users) Bank integration to NAV   325,-
Payment Management > 5 users     650,-
Continia Collection Management (1-5 users) Automatic customer receipts, for example, via PBS   400,-
Collection Management > 5 users     650,-
Continia Account Reconciliation (1-5 users) Easier account reconciliation of NAV   150,-
Account reconciliation > 5 users     325,-
Continia Document Capture (incl. OCR engine and up to 10,000 pages/month 1-5 users Purchase invoice scanning and work flow for approval    925,-


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