One size doesn't fit all

Some companies do not fit into a standard solution but need industry-specific functionality, so that the industry-related terms, industry-related workflows, and industry-specific integrations are supported in Enterprise solution.

Via ShipCentric Corporation Inc. provider we industry-specific solutions to, for example, Ship Suppliers, Ship Chandlers, Save Party Suppliers etc., which is state-of-the-art industry solutions to suppliers for the maritime industry.

Read more about Dynamic ShipSupplier solutions at this link

The following maritime industry solutions are also available as hosted solutions:

  • Dynamic ShipSupplier:
    • Dynamic ShipSupplier, Inc. Dynamics NAV Starter Pack
    • Dynamic ShipSupplier, Inc. Dynamics NAV Extended Pack
  • ShipCentric ShipPortal in Microsoft SharePoint
  • ShipCentric Webshop for Dynamic ShipSupplier
  • Lloyds MIU ship data integration for Dynamic ShipSupplier
  • Online Catalogues subscription via
  • Integration modules for Shipping systems and maritime e-commerce portals

We host also solutions for utilities , which includes all the additional solutions, such as our other utilities use to handle all business today. In this way, the supply company does not need to buy and maintain servers for running systems.

Contact us for a detailed dialogue on your particular business needs and our industry solutions.

Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør