What do the other customers say about hosted NAV?

Why do other companies choose to host their solution with VisionPeople Consulting?

There are many good reasons to hire a business solution – rather than to buy it. It is different from company to company, which arguments that have weighted the most in the election of a hosted solution with VisionPeople Consulting. Below we have gathered the most frequently used arguments and opinions from our hosting customers about why they host their enterprise solutions:

"We should not spend our time building server room and maintain servers, but on driving our business. We have therefore chosen to host all our IT systems with VisionPeople. "

"... The total monthly price is cheaper than the depreciation of our hardware and our time on in the past to keep the systems in the air. "

"... Why buy when you can rent? We'd rather buy commodities, than to tie the liquidity of servers and IT systems. "

"We are comfortable with the choice of VisionPeople as cooperation partner for our hosted solutions. They understand our business and the systems that we use and rely on in everyday life. "

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If you are interested in learning more about our hosting solutions-and how we have helped other customers to get quickly started with a complex hosted Dynamics NAV solution within your specific industry-please feel free to contact us. We will then contact the appropriate intermediary contacts with one of our hosting customers, so you can hear their assessment of our work and how we have helped them with a hosted enterprise solution.

Please contact us if you want to hear more -or if you want to get in touch with some of our other customers and hear why they have chosen not to have their own servers more and do not need to buy software licenses anymore.

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