Inventory Optimization and better inventory management via the bar codes on items tha

When working with inventory management and product flow, there is a great potential and optimization opportunities by implementing barcodes on items-and with a modern solution for this, can all employees register item consumption, counting etc via mobile phones.

VisionPeople has for decades helped small and medium-sized companies with optimization of product flow and records them in lagerstyringsystemer, which are often tightly integrated with corporate accounting systems.

There are many factors that come into play when you have to manage and optimize inventory and stocks, and has good experience with implementing VisionPeople usable and integrated solutions, which helps as well as warehouse employees with management to get a handle on goods and handling of goods flow in a rational and optimal manner, for example, via barcode scanning from mobile phones, iPads and hand terminals:

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Our solutions for this often takes its starting point in enterprise solution from Microsoft, called Microsoft Dynamics NAV, formerly known as Navision.

Dynamics NAV is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, with a focus on trade and service and, in particular, inventory management in connection therewith.

With the basic inventory management in place in Dynamics NAV, we have developed a number of tools for optimization and support of specific tasks related to inventory management:

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Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør