Get an overview of the day's and week's meetings and the accommodation requisitions

When everything has to be ready to the company's meetings, it is important to know which meeting rooms that are booked, and what needs to be ready for the meeting participants. Get an overview of orders of food and drinks, so you're ready to the meeting accommodation.

Food and beverages as well as meeting facilities in form of projector, chairs, tables and maybe a little chocolate for those long meetings can be critical to a positive experience of the meeting.

That is why it is important to have clear agreements about what is ordered for the meeting and therefore must be ready to the attendees, before the meeting begins.

With digitalized and optimized solutions VisionPeople has a number of workflows that can benefit employees working in kitchens or canteens, as the supplies from here is considered professional and sweetens the lives of colleagues and business partners, who will attend the meetings.

As an example os this VisionCatering is ensuring the process of ordering catering for corporate meetings, so kitchen and canteen employees instantly have an overview of the coming meetings, which rooms are booked, and what must be provided, such as food and beverages for the different meetings, in order for you to be ready with accommodation, before the meetings are starting.

View an example of an overview image, which can be displayed on a PC or a big screen in the kitchen, the canteen or at the receptionist:


With VisionCatering you always have an overview of meetings, deliveries and a clear agreement with the meeting attendees - so that you can adapt procurement and food production for this purpose.

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