Reporting and / or analysis

At VisionPeople Consulting we are used to discuss business challenges with our customers.

We often encounter customers who want a BI solution to get an overview of business development and selected KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), so they can make the right business decisions. In this context, BI solutions are often mentioned.

In VisionPeople we distinguish between reporting and analysis. Do you want thorough analysis of the figures and simulation tools to predict the future, then Business Intelligence is the way ahead. In VisionPeople we recommend Data Shop by Acinta which with some pre-defined cockpits gives the user the necessary overview.You can read more about the Datashop from Acinta here >>

If you on the other hand want dynamic reporting of predefined charts illustrate trends and status of the business, with the option of "drilling down" on deviations and overall numbers, then you should consider the free reporting tool: "Reporting Services" from Microsoft, which is freely available if you already use Microsoft SQL as the database server, for example for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

With Reporting Services you get  a free and flexible reporting tool for viewing and for continuous monitoring of the key economic indicators and various business analysis.

VisionPeople has developed a report pack consisting of 8 reports to Reporting Services, which we sell as a package to companies wishing to measure and follow up on selected KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). We call the package "VisionReporting" and the reports gives a broad snapshot of selected business areas as different roles in the company typically want to measure. The reports show:  

  • CompanyDashBoard
  • Activity Report 
  • Seller DashBoard
  • Chart of accounts 
  • Chart of accounts Date Matrix
  • Liquidity Overview 
  • Employee Absenteeism
  • Seller profit.  

The reports works against standard Dynamics NAV and can obviously be easily adapted to your specific adjustments and is based on the standard reports. We can build on them - or develop new reports to which best suit your needs!

Contact us here or call 7023 3200 to learn more about the free reporting tool - and our reporting package, which gives a good overview of the company KPI's, or if you want to hear more about BI Solutions.