Navision Stat 7.1

Stay updated on the benefits of the new Navision State

VisionPeople organises information meetings and seminars on Navision State and about the impending Navision State upgrade, to give an insight into how others have come through such an upgrade and we go through one or more of the new updates in Navision State.

At our meetings and seminars, we also get the opportunity to hear about additional products for Navision State. We tell about operational options for the entire Navision State, or partial solutions such as on Web-based BI solutions (Navision State EASY and other data sources), project and time tracking via mobile and web to manage for example. EU projects with integration to Navision Stat and other 3. party applications.

The next seminar is at CSC Denmark a/s in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Come and get information about the capabilities of Navision State. get better understand and take advantage of the new Navision State fully.

It is not only a technical upgrade, it also affects business transition. We give you a taste of and review of some of the new features. When you now still must upgrade Navision State, so you may as well take advantage of the opportunities in the best possible way – this helps VisionPeople you with a thorough dialogue around by the new opportunities and perhaps also a cleanup in the data, a different use of the chart of accounts and dimensions budgets and cash flow management, facilities, etc., as well as how to get good and secure in goal with both upgrading and training.

Take full advantage of Navision State upgrade and take advantage of the new opportunities for, inter alia:

  • Improved management information
  • Role-based user interface
  • New options for reporting
  • Digital record

There has in the market the past few years been a greater and greater demand for advice and sparring about the commercial use of Navision State in line with the provision of greater and greater demands for streamlining and digitization of processes, documentation of project activities, including EU projects for, inter alia, the self-governing/vocational schools, who work with these types of projects.

This has a lot of focus to VisionPeople help customers, therefore we have the following services at Navision State:

  • Advice on new digital initiatives and associated processes
  • Solution architecture
  • Programming, setups and configurations
  • Implementation and training
  • Integrations through XML and/or Web services, for example, transportlag, GIS, 3. party applications
  • Maintenance of solutions

VisionPeople has even following fully integrated solutions for Navision State, including:

The solutions can be obtained either for installation on own servers/operating center or as ASP/Cloud solutions and all at buy or rental basis.