Standard systems for various industries: Supply, ship supply, trading and service companies etc.

Do you work in an industry that is also "a bit special" and where you have the challenges of explaining your IT supplier, how exactly does it need to be in order to optimize your workflows?

In VisionPeople Consulting a/s, we have decades of experience delivering standard systems for a variety of industries. We build our solutions on standard software from Microsoft and through our in-depth knowledge of different industries, we have a really good understanding of the industry specific workflows, terms and trade usages, etc., which we have dealt with over the years in our standard systems, if applicable, and supplemented by additional solutions or special programming.

We offer a professional sparring and a free initial dialog, where you can test our industry experience and hear more about how we have solved specific problems in your particular industry.

Read more about our solutions for your industry below:

or contact us, if you think your business doesn't fit in the mentioned sectors. We are ready to be challenged and to hear more about your specific requirements in regards to a new Business Management Solution.

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Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør