VisionPeople Infrastructure's hosting center

When you host Dynamics NAV with VisionPeople, the hosted NAV-solution and any additional solutions and other Microsoft products are installed in VisionPeople Infrastructure's hosting center, where VisionPeople operates and maintains all of our hosted solutions on our servers.

We also have the opportunity to put your solution "in the cloud" at Microsoft on Microsoft's Azure platform

All the hosted applications are made available to our hosting customers for a fixed monthly hosting fee for the used programs. The number of users can be changed in line with your business needs, both upwards and downwards.

The programmes are therefore available for hosting customers via the customer's PC and internet connectivity to the hosting centre. Prerequisite in order to be able to access the hosting Centre is that there is adequate access to the Internet from the company and/or home office.

VisionPeople Infrastructure's servers and other equipment is physically located in our locked, custom-built and theft secured hosting center, which is operated and supported by VisionPeople. VisionPeople is also responsible for the back-up of data - 4 times a day!

As a part of the rental payment for the programmes the following services (on servers) are included without further costs:

  • Continuous monitoring of server hardware management systems
  • Continuous updates of servers with Service Packs and Patches
  • Running Windows Update, as well as Hardware and Bios updates
  • Software updates of servers operating systems and Microsoft Office updates
    Current status and preventive work
  • Correction of errors in Log files
  • Customer-specific registration/logging in VisionPeople's customer management system and the management thereof.

and our hosting customers receive the following:

  • Back-up 4 times daily by all of the data on the servers
  • 99% guaranteed uptime within normal working hours in Denmark
  • Daily updated anti-virus scan of all data/files on a central server set up
    Daily updated anti-spam on the central server set up
  • Internet and mobile access to e-mail and calendar for all Exchange users who want access from any PC or mobile phone (if supported by mobile phone)
  • Software Update for latest versions, audits and security patches. As far as Microsoft Dynamics NAV (hosted NAV), the company has in the rental price included access to the latest software versions, hotfixes, service packs etc., but the time consumption for execution and implementation thereof is settled separately.
  • Access to daily operational support on all the Microsoft products, however, against separately support payment, for example, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, see the section on the support agreement.
  • Other consultancy services in connection with support, advice, on-site assitance, upgrades of NAV Development etc. are provided and settled separately.

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