Requirements for PCs and internet connections

After the conclusion of a hosting agreement with VisionPeople all you need to access the programs in our hosting center are a PC and an internet connection.

Below we have listed the minimum requirements for this:







Does NOT work

Operating System


Windows 7 SP1


Windows 10


Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, SE, Mac Operating System

Hard Drive


2 GB Hard Drive, 1 GB of RAM


20 GB Hard Drive, 4 GB of RAM



Internet Connection


Common XDSL- connection


At least 2 Mbit SHDSL-/ fiber connection



Access to the hosted NAV solution requires, therefore, that there from the Office or working place is an internet connection. If your internet connection doesn't work, there is thus not access to the hosted solution.

When choosing a hosted business solution, a standardized server environment where "everyone is equal" is provided. This means that the solution meets the broad needs of the masses.

If the company has use for complex installations and integrations to other systems, which the hosted platform does not support, the company can rent their "own server" in the hosted environment. This gives the company a professional server environment that is constantly operated and supported by us and servers are purchased by us, while the customer specific wishes to e.g. complex integrations and custom applications can be accommodated.

If you chose only to rent a NAV solution with us, and Exchange (Outlook mail and calendar) is purchased for your own servers in the Office, the integration between, for example, hosted NAV and e-mail as well as Word/Excel might not Work.

Contact VisionPeople Consulting for a detailed dialoque about your specific requirements.

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