Before you order your hosted NAV solution

Before ordering a hosted NAV-solution, it is good if you have had some thoughts about the following options which you will be asked when you order hosted NAV:

  1. Should you choose the Business Essentials or Advanced Management version of hosted NAV?
  2. Should you have additional products to the hosted NAV immediately or after start-up?
  3. Should you also have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) and Exchange (Outlook mail and calendar) in the hosted solution? Or maybe "In The Sky" as Office 365?
  4. Do you want VisionPeople's consulting assistance for implementation?
  5. Which design should your invoices, account statements, etc. have?
  6. What type of support/hotline is needed - and within normal working hours or in the evening/weekend?
  7. Do you have sufficient PC's and internet connectivity from the Office (and possibly the home workplace), so that you can access the hosting centre via the Internet?
  8. Have you read the terms and conditions for hosted NAV?

When you have the answers to the above mentioned questions you are ready to order hosted NAV, which you can do here >>

If you have any questions regarding the above mentioned questions, you are of course welcome to contact VisionPeople on +45 7023 3200 or contact us.

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