Have you mastered and do you know how to use filters in Navision?


Field and table filters can be used if you are in a window to display only certain accounts, customers, vendors, items, or other records. Flow filters are used to limit the information in the fields that display amounts or quantities.

You specify a filter by defining criteria for one or more fields in a table. The program checks all the records, and only the records that meet your criteria, is released through the filter. If specified criteria for multiple fields at once, records meet all the criteria in order to get through the filter.

Please note!

Field and table filters depends on the respective Windows. If you specify a filter for a table in a window, and then view the same table in another window, it means that the filter is not active in this window. The filter will, however, be active in the window in which it was specified, until it is removed.

The filters are active until you remove them or replace them with new ones. You can remove a filter by clicking "Show all" in the view menu.

Filters are a special facility in Navision, which makes it possible to refine a quantity of information. There are 3 kinds of filters:

  • Field filters
  • Table filters
  • Flow filters

 Filtre i navision

  • Field filter-restrict the field where the cursor is standing when the function is activated.
  • Table filter is used to define the criteria for multiple fields.
  • Flow Filter-restrict the contents of fields that display amounts or quantities, and the program calculates on the basis of records in other tables.
  • Show all-removes all filters, however, with the exception of the Flow Filter.

If you have set a filter in the program, it will always be shown in your status line contains FILTER as in the screen shot below.


Below is made an example of how you can use a field filter.

How to use a field filter

The following is a description of how a field filter is used to filter the data in the customer table, so that it only contains customer card, where the salesperson code is PS.

  1. Open the Debtor card window.
  2. Click in the salesperson code field.
  3. Click the Field filter from the menu bar, or press F7.
  4. Type PS, and click the OK button.

If you subsequently blader in customer cards, you can see that only customer card with the PS in the salesperson code field appears. The other customers are still in the database, but will appear again when the filter is removed

  1. Click Show all on the view menu, or press Shift + Ctrl + F7.

You can now view all the cards in the customer table.