Hosting and renting your current or new business solution!

Why Buy and Maintain your own IT solutions when you can rent and have hosted solutions through VisionPeople Infrastructure?

VisionPeople Infrastructure offers hosting of your total IT solution, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Your enterprise solution is hosted with us, who are experts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and integration solutions for other Microsoft products.

We know that the hardware and server environment that has to execute individual business and integration solutions, has to be optimized in relation to the individual business needs. We would like discuss the pros and cons of drifting enterprise solution to a standard server platform, rather than settlement and operations of the company itself. This gives you a professional sparring at both the infrastructure (server hardware) and the enterprise solution (software), so you can then make the right decision on operation and maintenance of your business solution.

We offer the following hosting - where for example we take over or replace your current server environment and business management solution - and / or a lease, where you rent a standard solution (with an option for additional functionality) with us on a fixed monthly rental payment that depends on the standard solution which meets your needs. You decide!

You can obtain certainty for the economy in the operation of the products listed below:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel etc.)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint (Web portals for document sharing and knowledge, as well as workflow solution and search portal)
  • Microsoft Exchange (Outlook mail and calendar)
  • Microsoft Office Communication Server (telephony, video conferencing and other communication between persons)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other solutions, which is used in your business

Common to the above solutions is, that the only thing you need is a PC and a customized Internet connection from the company - and possibly, from home offices - so that employees via the Internet can connect to our hosting center. In our hosting center we give employees access to - and maintain - the agreed systems, at a monthly payment from you, and you would thus avoid to concentrate on the operation of the solutions, server room, cooling of servers, security (antivirus and antispam), replacement and procurement of hardware, etc.

At the commitment of a lease (rather than buy the necessary licenses) the monthly amount depends by the number of employees who can access the solution, and can thus save money on licenses, if the number of employees varies in the company. At the same time, you avoid trouble with the economy and internal resources for operation, maintenance and regular replacement / updating of hardware, software, etc.

Contakt VisionPeople here, if you want to hear more about solutions and prices on hosting and rental of total business solutions, tailored to your needs>>.