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Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions from our hosting customers - and our response to them.

What kind of support does VisionPeople offer to the hosted solution?
In connection with the online  ordering process you can choose the different kind of consulting assistance to ensure a successful start up with the new system. You can choose between installation help, phone and email support as well as on-site consultant assistance where we are visiting you, and help you get well started with the new solution. Read more about our support agreement here >>

Can my auditor also get access to the hosted solution?
Yes, your auditor and/or external accountant can also get access to the hosted NAV solution. Price stated in this link>>

All my customers have disappeared. What do I do?
Go to the customer card and remove all filters. View - Vies all in the menu bar.

How do I get the printed invoices to fit my letter design?
VisionPeople Consulting offers some different report layouts, depending on whether you print on pre-printed paper or glossy paper, and whether you want the company name, address, etc. at the top or at the bottom of the paper. See the examples on print-outs here or contact VisionPeople Consulting to get customized reports to your specific requirements.

Posting date is not within your range of allowed posting dates!
Check to see if General Ledger Setup on the fields "Posting allowed from" and "Posting allowed for" are set correctly.
It is also possible to block for posting on the individual user. This is done in the Setup menu under Program setup-general-users-user Setup.

I need special development for the hosted NAV solution. Can I get it?
Yes, you can have special functionality developed in your hosted NAV solution. If you want a quote from VisionPeople Consulting for this, or want to discuss your requirements in relation to any of the standard functionality for this work flow, you can contact VisionPeople here for this>>

I get an error when posting: "Posting Setup does not exist. Identification fields and values .... "
The combination of business posting group and product posting group is not set up. This is used to control which g/l accounts that will be used in connection with the posting. The Setup can be found under financial management menu-setup-general posting groups-General Posting Setup.

Should I create a vendor several times, if we buy in different currencies with them?
No, it is not necessary. The same vendor number can handle multiple currencies. The currency code on the vendor card is indicative, and can be overwritten on the purchase order before it is posted.

Can a customer pay for goods/services other than the ordering?
Yes, it can be set up in General on the customer card. On the Invoicing tab is added to the customer who should pay in the field "Bill-to customer."
It can also be done from time to the time on the sales order/invoice on the Invoicing tab.

We are currently 6 employees having access to NAV. What does it cost to buy access to an additional employee?
The price for hosted NAV is settled per named user. You can see the prices for the 2 different NAV versions here>>

My invoices must have a special design. Can it be done?
Yes, at this link you can see the possibilities, we offer to meet individual wishes for layout on invoices, account statements and other customer-related reports.

Can my invoices come out in English?
Yes, there is a language code set-up in the whole system, which controls whether the invoices or any other document would come in Danish or English. You can also buy access to extra languages.

Can I get a webshop to the hosted NAV-solution?
Yes, you can read about our additional solutions (including webshop) here >>

Can I use NAV with the keyboard, and without the mouse? Yes, see the list of shortcuts here: keyboard shortcuts

If you have other questions that are not answered above, then press this link and send us your questions.

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