VisionRoadMap - turn visions into reality

By using the method VisionRoadMap ™ from VisionPeople Consulting A/S, your companys visions will be set in relation to the use of IT as supporting tool!

When our customers are facing new projects, or when the company needs to keep track of any upcoming projects - and not least the economy herein, VisionPeople performs a process named: "VisionRoadMap".

VisionRoadMap is your security to make the right choice when you're considering implementing a new IT solution for your business.

With VisionRoadMap we begin with a comprehensive review of your company's current operations and future aspirations and visions. Everything is broken down in manageable and flexible sub-projects to ensure successful implementations and gradually increase the business value. At the same time aiming it all against, and takes account of the company's overall vision.

VisionRoadMap consist of a Workshop and a Report:

  • VisionRoadMap Workshop

The initial VisionRoadMap Workshop is controlled by VisionPeople Consulting. Here describes the company (directors or their representatives) its business areas, employee roles, stakeholders, challenges, IT structure and outlines the business needs and visions at an overall level.

  • VisionRoadMap Report

VisionRoadMap report is compiled by VisionPeople and summarizes the workshop discussed areas. The IT opportunities - in relation to the resultant desires and visions - is described. This decomposes into manageable sub-projects with an overall bid for the economic framework and a priority order. The report aims to give management a basis for decisions in relation to individual subprojects.

Most posssible standard!

VisionRoadMap has among other things, the purpose that the new business solution - based on standard technologies / products - can be adapted and implemented in a way that as far as possible meets the company's current critical work flows and future visions.

The starting point is VisionPeople's conceptual framework to integrate products from Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems with other Microsoft standard platforms and products (. NET Framework, Windows, Windows applications, Sharepoint, SQL, Dynamics CRM, Reporting Services, Office Products, etc.) so that adjustments in a single product are kept to a minimum.

VisionPeople Consulting's employees contributing to cooperation with both solid business understanding and IT experience. This is achieved through several years of business experience and from the IT world,  within respectively Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft's other technologies and solutions.

Contact VisionPeople to hear more about VisionRoadMap related to your company's vision and upcoming projects.