Project definition

VisionPeople has good experience in advising businesses to the appropriate solution to the company's various challenges.

We participate as early in the process as possible, when a company needs a new (or several new) IT solutions to solve real problems, and as the platform with the relevant tools for achieving the company's visions.

The initial phase we call: "Project definition", where we, together with the company's management are discussing your current and/or future challenges as well as listening to the company's strategies and vision. With this in mind, we advise the management as best as possible about how IT systems if necessary can help and support the company's vision, and we define together one or more parts, which we can work with.

Often devoted some economic budgets for this or future projects, and making out a genuine offer on the VisionPeople agreed project or sub-project.


When you are ready to enter into a cooperation to that effect, signed the project agreement, so both parties agree on the project, the project then goes into the analysis phase.