Bought your customers on the Web this year?

and could they have purchased products online with you?

Interesting thought, and perhaps it is only a small group of your products that are suitable to be sold via the "self service" on the Web? Conversely, why should your customers not also have access to your products, product descriptions, pictures on the Web, so that customers will be maintained with you - and maybe you get new customer inquiries, because your self-service portal on the net lookes good?

VisionWebShop is a fully integrated Web store (self-service portal), where selected data as:

  • goods
  • item descriptions, guides, and more.
  • item images
  • prices (possibly only to predefined users with log-in access)
  • historical invoices and account statements (for the person who is logged on)
  • sales reports (for internal staff)
  • and other relevant information

is made available on the Internet, as an additional menu item on your existing Web store.

All data is directly integrated to your existing NAV-solution, so all product information, prices, customers, etc. without further is maintained in NAV, but presented nice and professionally on the webshop in exactly whatever layout/design that your company uses today .

Read more about VisionWebShop at this link >>

or go directly to a demo site here and sign in as cannon and password cannon, so you can see how the NAV with VisionWebShop is integrated with the NAV.

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