Get access to all data from the company's Microsoft Dynamics NAV - in Microsoft Office SharePoint!

Not all employees need to work directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but perhaps just have specific information from the system. By using VisionWebParts for SharePoint, users can access just the information in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is relevant to the individual - without having to open Microsoft Dynamics NAV and look for the data!

VisionPeople Consulting have created integration between Microsoft Office SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which makes all the Microsoft Dynamics NAV data available in SharePoint. Naturally, taking into account the employee's customary rights in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Data can be both read and edited from Sharepoint! UdIn addition to displaying the Microsoft Dynamics NAV data directly to SharePoint, is known Microsoft Dynamics NAV functions such as filtering, language layer and column choices also available on the portal.

Individual views of data

Each user can easily and simply create web party content, and thus decide which (possibly filtered) Microsoft Dynamics NAV data to be made available on Sharepoint (eg "My Site"). Examples are:

  • Information of sales from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Information on the escrow customers and / or outstanding debtors from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Accounts Payable and Purchase details
  • Availability of warehouse stock in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, product pictures, etc.
  • Product descriptions, product prices, delivery times, etc.
  • All Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports, staff and candidate photos on the HR Portal
  • etc.

All data can be filtered according to each user's specific preferences.
Finally, the solution offers the opportunity to report back in Microsoft Dynamics NAV - directly from SharePoint.

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