Electronic exchange of documents via EDIFACT

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange via the standard format as EDIFACT is often used for the exchange of trading documents when you want an automated process

EDIFACT is an international standard format, which facilitates integration, when 2 companies want to exchange commercial documents electronically, since the method itself for exchange is defined in advance. Including are also a number of formats such as Hancom, specifying the selected documents-building.

EDIFACT thus has worked for many years, primarily driven by the large groups who internally wanted a uniform process for the exchange of commercial documents such as offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit memos, and more. This wish has spread like rings in the water to the relevant partners, who also have automated the exchange of commercial documents via EDI/EDIFACT

With today's modern systems, there are a number of options for "electronic data interchange", and we would like to advise about, what are the solutions that may be most relevant to your company and in relation to your systems.

The pricing structure for an EDIFACT-solution consists of:

  • EDI software module, for example, integrated in the ERP-solution (Dynamics NAV etc.) and system setup of the solution (consultation time)
  • Finished EDI documents or adaptation of the electronic versions of commercial documents, for example, order, invoice, credit memo, packing slip, etc.
  • Ongoing traffic costs for exchanging documents, typically a cost-per-document transaction exchange between 2 mailboxes (sender and receiver)

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