Keep track of your projects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

VisionProject is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV developed by VisionPeople Consulting.

With VisionProject you can always follow up and keep track of your projects. You can easily administer service agreements, including automatic recognition of agreed-upon discounts.

With VisionProject you can easily:

Resource planning and budgeting
The system allows for a superior status on ongoing projects. Registration, planning and budgeting of resources and projects become via VisionProject becomes simple and intuitive. It is possible to make budget on the project or down on any given task, or all the way down on a given resource. It is further possible to see the total consumption on a task and compare it with the number of hours billed.

Simple overview of consumption
With VisionProject can prepare follow-up on a project at any point in the project process. Consumption can be calculated on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Performance banks
Prepayments can be made under the menu item in the system performance bank. A performance bank is registered with the name, customer, sales amount and possibly. with total price after discount, since it is through this module is possible to register the sales price on resources with the original sales price, after which the system calculates the possibly agreed discount rate.

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