Come quickly and inexpensively at start with a BI solution

Formerly BI solutions was reserved "big companies, which had the economy to do so"

BI-solution from Acinta has now opened up that small and medium-sized enterprises can also get an overview of the company's development in a clear and easily accessible tool - and at a very attractive Price.

Below, you can see the price structure for implementing the Data shop from Acinta against a standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as of course can (and often should) be corrected so that the solution supports your business needs and your adjustments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

- Data workbook: 1.200,- Dkr. per user
(regular user)
- Data shop Professional: 3.600,- Dkr. per user
(Advanced/"demanding" user with reporting designer)
- Data shop Expert: 7.600,- Dkr. per user
(super user, key figures, rules, Saturn serverkonfiguration of e-mail sending)
- Developer: 14.500,- Dkr. per user
(development of the data model, complete functionality)

- Acinta Shortcut to NAV: 9.000,- Dkr.
(standard data model for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with ratios, cockpits, etc.
to 1 company. Multiple companies costs 2.500,-Dkr. per unit).

- Saturn server: 10.500,- Dkr.
(server for automating reports and integration with web etc.- option).

Update subscription amounts to 25% of the total license mix as selected above.

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In addition to license the price come costs for consulting services in the form of:
- Installation of Acinta Data shop
- Preparation and preparation of the solution. just your company Microsoft
Dynamics NAV database
- Workshop for introduction, adaptation/development of reports and cockpits against
your Microsoft Dynamics NAV database
- Possibly continuously maintain and possibly development of new reports, cockpits, etc.

All prices are excl. VAT and transportation, and subject to change from the manufacturer and each NAV database, as the solution to work against. The solution assumes that the NAV runs on Microsoft SQL Server.

The scope of the above consulting services vary according to the individual business needs and adjustments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, but typically we can implement the above in a few days, after which adjustments and wishes beyond standard functionality can be made after further agreement.

Contact us for a detailed demonstration of Acinta, for a quote on deployment with you, or for ordering of the solution:

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Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør