Get an overview of your customers

See what customers who buy most, gives a maximum contribution margins, pay quickly or slowly, in short: get a graphical overview of the sale!

As a salesman and sales manager, it is important the whole time to have a finger on the pulse and the overview of the customers, who buy the goods for which prices, contribution margin o.s.v.

The following gives the salesperson, Sales Manager and other interested employees (who are given access to it) overview of a number of interesting measures in relation to the company's customers and products that are provided as part of the solution from Acinta Data shop, but as of course can be adapted to your specific wishes:

Acinta Kundeoverblik

The figures are changed constantly in step with the transactions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and of course, there is the opportunity to "dive" in the figures and trends that you want to analyze in details, directly from the screen:

Acinta Kundefokus

Contact us for a detailed demonstration of the possibilities with Acinta Data shop:

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Per Ibsen - Direktør Written by: Per Ibsen - Direktør